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Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

Paul Banda is an artist, widely known for his paintings and wire sculptures that depict his memories of growing up in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. Inspired by masters such as Van Gogh, Banda’s acrylic works demonstrate similar techniques in a contemporary way.

Banda is largely self taught from age seven (started his first drawings on a dirt sidewalk as he couldn’t afford art supplies) to studying drawing for a semester at Washington University in Saint Louis. During this time he expanded his knowledge in drawing, art history, language, and vocabulary. Banda is constantly taking education as a subject in his paintings by creating these images out of shapes, numbers, dots, songs, and letters etc.

Welcome to the Paul Banda Art Gallery

Paul Banda’s paintings depict everyday scenes such as drum-playing and market day, he experiments with the concept of space through the use of lines and color, creating a modern take on traditional subject matter.  His exploration of objects in space extends to his construction of intricate wire sculptures of cars.

Stay in Touch with Paul

Paul regularly releases new exclusive art pieces not found in galleries or stores. Sign up to learn about those releases. 

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